Candidate’s Message

Greetings Edmonton-Griesbach Bernier Nation

Thank you so much to the Selection Committee and the faithful members who came out to vote. I am proud to be your candidate and will endeavor to interact with as many constituents of this riding in the next few months. As I pledged, I want our citizens to feel that they have been heard and I will be your voice in Ottawa.
If you can come out for an hour to help spread our message on Canada Day join our team and I at the Rundle Park festivities at noon, Castledowns Communities Skateboard and Playground Park at 3 pm or at Coronation Park between 6 and 9 for the New Hope ESL Centre cookoff we would appreciate your support. Please text me or email your RSVP and I will reply with any additional sites or time changes.
The EDA’s and candidates across the city have been busy preparing for Max’s visits here in Edmonton on July 9th. We had surprise Alberta VIP’s at our 1st Edmonton Delegation Campaign planning meeting last Thursday night. Laura-Lynn Thompson and Paul Mitchell the dynamic duo who took more that 10 percent of the vote from the NDP leader Singh in the Vancouver- Burnaby by-election shared their story and winning strategies and campaign material sources with us. This informative, passionate and motivating presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A. We were so animated that I had to kick everybody out and groups congregated in the rainy parking lot.
Please RSVP me if you would like to attend either of next week’s meetings. July 2nd, EDA meeting and election. Or July 4th Edmonton Delegation meeting. Both are between 7 and 9 pm at 11404- 142 str. Upstairs at the Edmonton Association for the Deaf Community Center. (EADCC). Our new venue.
Thankyou Arianne Carm for accepting the nomination for Director at Large at our last meeting. Please consider taking on one of the open positions. We have several board positions left to fill now at our upcoming EDA board and election is on Tuesday night at 7 pm at EADCC.
Our illustrious, courageous and inspiring leader Mad Max will be in Edmonton on July 9th. If it is at all possible, please try and make the meet and greet for our combined Griesbach, West, Manning and Riverbend luncheon meet and greet on the 9th, between 1 and 2 pm at 11404- 142 str. Upstairs at the Edmonton Association for the Deaf Community Center. (EADCC)
Free Speech is the platform theme for Max’s media scrum and candidate presentation in St. Albert after our EADCC event. Full agenda will be sent after our Thursday evening EDA and candidates campaign and Max Day planning meeting. If you have any suggestions for the meeting please text or email me.
We have been actively building the structure for a solid campaign team of supporters however we need each of our volunteers to step forward. And to encourage more members to become volunteers if we are to be successful in reaching every family and household with the Strong and Free message of our best and only hope- the PPC. The proven route to success is by connecting with as many voters as possible, to achieve this goal we need everyone who believes that the PPC platform, our message is the hope for a united, prosperous country where everyone is treated fairly and respectfully.
Look forward to meeting each of you,

Barbara Nichols